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Australia – a world leader
deforestation, forest degradation and extinction

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Unlogged, Australian native forests can store more carbon per hectare than equatorial rainforests and develop the hollows needed by wildlife. Without mature forests we will lose our animals – forever 

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Logging Native Forests: What’s Wrong With It?

Industrial logging stops trees and plants absorbing maximum carbon from the atmosphere and storing it for centuries in maturing tree trunks, roots and branches. It churns up the forest floor releasing the carbon that had been stored in roots and soils below.

Logging takes away the habitat by which wildlife exists. Animals not killed outright by heavy machinery operations often die for want of food or shelter. Tree hollows, niches and branches needed for breeding, roosting and to escape predators are gone. The leaves, flowers, nectars, pollen and insects animals need for food are destroyed, so they starve.


The entire water cycle is disrupted. Forest streambanks and soils are disturbed and eroded.

Rainfall that would have precipitated by the release of micro-organisms into the atmosphere through tall tree canopies, is less frequent. The cycling of water vapour through leaves to trunks to roots to ground and the regulation of water levels throughout forest soils, drainage lines, streams and groundwater, is disrupted. Forest soils dry out.

Exposed to sun and wind without the cooling tree canopy, forests become flammable. Loggers often burn forests after logging but the surviving animals have few places to escape the flames. Many are burnt to death.

TreesBurnt Koala Crop


Industrial logging of native forests is not sustainable

The two major threats to Australian native forests now are:
Regional Forest Agreements that have exempted native forest logging from federal environment law for over two decades and which are currently in the process of being renewed, this time for over two decades.

Burning native forests as pseudo- renewable electricity is the other looming threat already destroying forests across the globe. See Threats and Impacts where we demolish government and industry claims that native forest logging is sustainable and that burning forests is carbon neutral.


AFCA Policy: End Native Forest Logging and Clearing to Combat Climate Change and Extinction




* slideshow photo credits:
Image 2. “Water Catchments/Carbon Sinks” – Jimmy Malecki
Image 2. “Destroyed” – North East Highlands Tasmania, Rob Blakers
Image 3. “Soils and undergrowth” – Arve Forest Old Growth Tree Roots, Tasmania Dan Broun
Image 3. “Damaged” – Serpentine Creek rainforest site of significance, Victoria, Fauna and Flora Research Collective
Image 4. “Habitat” – Sequence: Powerful Owl Fledgling, NSW, Michael Bianchino
Image 4. “Reduced to Sticks”, Tamban Forests, NSW, Nativesrule